Fire and Ambition

Fire and Ambition

Ever have those mornings when you can’t seem to get out of bed? Like you’re magnetized to it, you know you have to get up but your body doesn’t want to. Sun beaming through the curtains, it’s daylight, but your ass is still in bed. You don’t have a headache but you feel like your head is extra heavy. You sit on the edge of your bed and take the first deep breath of the day. Slowly getting dressed, groggy, clouded and don’t quite know what’s fueling you to keep going.

I’ve been there, left wondering what’s my motivation for getting up in the morning. Then, you find your your REASON. The French call it”raison d’être”, it means”reason for being”. It’s ok if you haven’t discovered yours yet, but being proactive in finding it is a must.

It sounds absurd, but when I was at my financial peak earning well into the six figures, one would think that making big money would be sufficient motivation to get up every morning. Ironically, that’s when it was most difficult for me to find my reason. I felt like I was doing long hours, with little time for anything else; a victim of financial slavery.

I discovered my reason for being when I decided to take that same energy that I was putting towards making money into a more rewarding lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, I love money, but when it consumed me to the point that I didn’t want to get out of bed, I made some serious changes. You can’t just go about life like you’re some kind of zombie slave, jaded and unhappy. You have to find your real”reason for being”. By finding your reason, everything else will fall into place shortly after.

You’ll be happier, look forward to starting your day and have real ambitions that will make you a passionate human being. The kind of man that women will be attracted to.

I’m aware that there are many underlying reasons for not having ambition. That’s why before you find you’re reason, you have to ELIMINATE what causes your misery. Attack the roots of your problem(s), whether it’s internal or external, solve it. Then find your reason.

If you don’t even know where to start, don’t feel bad, it’s ok. Start with this food for thought; In a single ejaculation there are between 40 million and 1. 2 billion sperm cells. Now, theoretically, your papa had a fresh batch of sperm every few days.

The odds of winning the lottery are greater than the odds of you being the chosen sperm cell. You’ve won the lottery by EXISTING because the odds of you being part of this world were next to nothing. You’ve been chosen to be part of this wonderful life and you have to find out why(reason). Consuming oxygen and practicing bad habits doesn’t qualify you for ambition.

My change occurred through several significant events

But I don’t want the uniqueness of my life to influence your decision making. You have to find YOUR reason. One change that I will share with you is beginning to volunteer and  tutoring students. You no longer feel like life is self-centred, you’re sharing life with everybody around you and feel rewarded for helping others in need.

When you do find your reason, it’s like a beautiful spell has been cast upon you. You get up without hesitation or procrastination. Your reason empowers and energizes you to be the best man you can be. Women love it, but be careful, because many women out there want to ride the wave of success that comes with your ambition. Unfortunately, we live in a very superficial society that encourages women to go after successful men for the wrong reasons. When you first meet a girl, keep some mystery about you.

Don’t reveal all your substance. If she asks you what you do, test her intentions by joking around

Tell her something to throw her off like; “I’m a lifeguard at a nudist beach”or a”mall Santa”  Reveal your qualities first, your volunteering or charity work second and lastly, your work. If you can keep throwing her off about your work till the first date, even better. Keep her guessing and study her motives for pursuing you while playing the humor card.

Beyond meeting women, the most important part is to spark the fire within you. The ambition that will make you a phenomenal man that looks forward to getting up every single morning because of his extraordinary reason. Start working on eliminating your issues that slow you down and find your reason. No matter what difficulties life has thrown at you so far, after winning the lottery, it’s the least you could do.