Fitness and Sex

Fitness and Sex

Wouldn’t you love it, if every time you stripped down in front of a woman, she looks at you with burning desire? Most of you would love to have a body that women devour but the sad reality is that the majority of you will do very little or no actions to turn the tide.

Eventually, as you make your way down your sexual path, you’ll be faced with two options

Let your health deteriorate to the point of taking cock pills for your impotence OR put in the hard work at the gym three or four days a week to get your blood circulating and hormones flowing resulting in higher libido, better erections and more stamina.

Our minds are programmed for the quick fix, the easy solutions, steering clear of the challenges that come with building a healthy body, we search for shortcuts. Your body is a reflection of how you respect yourself. It’s funny how some men are very busy and still make time every day for exercise, while others don’t want to make time at all. They Prefer watching the game, having a beer with the guys, surfing the channels on TV and spending time on the internet instead of working hard to improve their health.

I also find it ironic that millions of grown ass men have a point system ranking women from one to ten.

What’s wrong with the point system is that most men are seeking the physical eights, nines and tens, when they themselves are barely a three or four on their own point scale. Are your mirrors at home deceptive? To bring you back to reality, I have a grounding idea. Go post your picture(an updated one) on hotornot. com. People are harsh but very truthful about what they see. You may rethink your ranking system after the results come in. It should give you new insight on your body and how you perceive yourself.

So how do you achieve the ‘Oh So Desired Body’ that will make them addicted?

Religiously follow these 3 key pointers

Great Cardio: Sex is not about power, it’s about endurance. The best way to build endurance is by getting on the torturous cardio machines; like the step master, tread mill or elliptical. An even better way is jogging/cycling/swimming a couple times a week.

The proved equation is very simple; More cardio = increased hormone circulation = Higher libido + More Stamina. Studies prove that men who exercise regularly have a more satisfying sex life than those who don’t. Although you shouldn’t neglect muscle development by doing some weights and following a program, your priority should always be your cardiovascular workout. Thirty to forty five minutes, three to four times per week. If you’re not used to working out, start slow and progressively work your way to your desired intensity.

Controlled breathing & PC muscles

The very best solutions to prevent premature ejaculations are completely free. No need for expensive medication or creams. You’re already carrying the tools you need, use them! Workout your pubococcygeal muscles(PC muscles) every day by flexing them with Kegel exercises.

One hundred flexes per day should develop the muscle sufficiently for ejaculation control.

When I feel like I’m about to cum I breathe in slowly to about 70%, hold my breath, simultaneously clench my Jaw + PC muscles, quickly breathe in the last 30% and very slowly release my muscles while I’m exhaling. The act of clenching your PC muscle and holding your breath should not surpass fifteen seconds. Mastering this technique in combination with having an understanding and supportive partner, will prolong your love making. Considerably improving your overall performance.


Do you want to pull a back muscle or hurt your groin? Didn’t think so.
Butterfly Stretch – Keep your groin flexible for all-night lovemaking by lying on your back and spreading your legs wide open. Stretch your groin gently while massaging your inner thighs.

Lumbar muscle exercises – The lumbar muscles are the pillars of strength of the lower back and they contribute to balancing and stretching the spine. Strengthening these muscles will contribute to the development of a solid sexual body.

Hip Stretches – Prevent hip pain from knocking you out indefinitely by sitting down and spreading your legs apart on the bed while reaching out straight ahead with your hands. Also try lying on your back, bending one leg at a time and bringing it towards you.

Pump that sexy chest

Women are subconsciously drawn to men that have a sexy chest. To achieve the pecs you always wanted, try a combo of Barbell Bench Press, Bent Forward Cable Crossovers and Peck Deck. Women become more playful with a man’s body when he has a pumped up chest. Like any exercise, don’t overexert yourself. The consequences of doing so can be detrimental to your health.

In an era when more and more women are voicing their discontent of the male gender, we owe it to them to take care of our bodies and satisfy them sexually. Men expect so much from women on every level but we forget they haven’t lowered the bar for us either. Matter of fact, it’s much higher than it used to be. We’ve f@cked up bad by letting ourselves go but it’s never too late for redemption. Strive to have a sexy body and embrace the perpetual.