How to make your gf feel loved and adored?

How to make your gf feel loved and adored?

Sometimes, your girlfriend might say that you don’t pay enough attention to her and all you want to do is fucking. And this might not be that far away from the truth. As men we basically want to penetrate and cum. But women need more joint activities in order to prepare for the actual intercourse.

What do they need?

First, as you can see from movies with any major tube pornstars, they need adoration. Don’t treat your lassie as a piece of furniture. Adore her and complement her about her butt and boobs and eyes and cunt.

Second, they need foreplay. Don’t try fucking her from the get-go. She needs to prepare and get wet in her pussy. Play with her, tease her or do some adventurous petting outside.

Third, when you fuck her, connect with physically. Breathe in and out in unison with her breathing.

Fourth, let her cum first and ejaculate only after that. There’s no way that any woman in this day and age would be content with orgasm-less sex!

And don’t forget about those funky sex toys. They are so cool to use. You can try out vibratos, bullets and rabbits. Your girl will love them!